Ninja Scuffle Server Merge Notice

2014-02-19 00:58:24

Dear player,

Soon as Ninja Scuffle was released, it caught lots of players`attention, and also became popular among the Ninja fans. We would like to say thank you to all Ninja Scuffle players.  Your favor and support is the greatest driving force for the development of Ninja Scuffle. And now, it is a time to break the old regime; it is a time to reform. New challenges and the more furious actions are waiting for you in Ninja Scuffle!

To meet the needs of most of the players, to create better in-game atmosphere, to promote interaction among players, and to create more gameplays of the later period, we decide to merge servers. Then, all players`data will be transferred and linked together. After we complete the data transfer and consolidation, the server will be merged. These processes will not change players`character info or bag info. Please kindly share this information to other players.

Servers to be merged:


Server Merge Time:

Feb.19th, 7:00pm-9:00pm, 2014

Then, we will merge the above servers according to the plan. Please read the following server merging rules. Please log off the game before we start the server merging to avoid any unnecessary losses.


1.Basic Rules:

1.The original log-in address remains unchanged after data communicated

2.There might be some same characters`names existing after data communicated. The same names will be added an original server code accordingly;

3.For example:First-server player "Ninja"; Second-server player "Ninja"; the original first-server player will see the name of the second-server player shows"Ninja.s2".

The way to deal with the same faction names is as above;


2. Data Rules:

1.Reset Arena

1.1The initial arena point is 100 for all accounts. It is ranked in a random order;

1.2 Remove all battle records in arena.

2.Shop Reset

2.1 Refresh all the items in shop;

2.2 Remove all the repurchase lists.

3.Lost Tower

3.1Initialize the ranking of Lost Tower

4. Ranking of Main Plot Instance Clearance

4.1 Remove all rankings of instance clearance;;

5. Weekly Events Reset

5.1 Remove all the weekly achievements and ranking;

5.2 A new event will be started after all data are communicated.


Special Rules:

1.Special account clearance

Account data will be deleted if meeting all of the following statements.

1.1 Character level is lower than or equal to 50;

1.2.No top-up records;

1.3.No login within 10 days;

1.4.The faction has only one player, no matter the player is a chairman or not .

2.Top-up methods remain unchanged after all data are merged

Server Merge Compensation:

Players will automatically get the server merge compensation after all data are merged.

Spirit: 200 points

Prestige: Level of main character * 1000

Silver: Level of main character * 100,000

Ninja Scuffle Team

    Feb 19th ,2014



All Servers:
Tue 00:00 to Tue 03:00(GMT-6)

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